We manufacture commercial grade portable swing frames & accessories, the On-The-Go Swing Systems. Our innovative vestibular swing systems set up in as little as 2 minutes without tools thanks to its easy snap button assembly!  They come complete with swing frame, dual hanging points for linear swinging, and a new lite weight mat.  Customize the swing frame with a popular option, the rotational single point for rotational swinging!  Our swing frames port in one to two bags weighing as little as 15 pounds, yet with the strength to swing up to 300 pounds!

Portability saves money and improves outcomes.  Schools purchase the On-The-Go Swing systems so their therapist can cover one to many schools in therapy.  The PT department in a hospital may need to borrow the swing system from the OT department.  No problem, they just pack it up in minutes and take it to that floor.  Early interventional therapists provide in home swing therapy now with our portable swing systems. 

If cushioning is desired under the lite weight mat, foam padding can now be purchased as an option.  The swing frame and mat fit conveniently into an optional custom sized bag and the small footprint allows for use in the home environment, school or clinic with limited space. Frame is constructed of high-strength aluminum. Chains are covered in vinyl and the frame legs are covered with foam rubber for safety.  Schools, hospitals, universities, clinics and homes now enjoy vestibular swing therapy anywhere!
All Made in the U.S.A!
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